ScrubLife Mobile Boutique was birthed in October of 2018 when Tia Drake RN brought together a mere idea to combine healthcare & fashion as an online and door to door shopping experience for healthcare professionals. Tia gained her experience through bedside nursing, working as a Patient Care Tech for 10 plus years before continuing on to nursing school.  Throughout her career, Tia noticed the wear and tear on herself and coworkers, mentally and physically, as they provided care for others. She also noticed that when she would arrive to work looking good and feeling good, she provided better care for her patients.

Here at ScrubLife Mobile Boutique we believe that Self-Care is a top priority. One has to be fit mentally and emotionally before providing their best care to others. Through observations of work-related issues, love for fashion & fun, and constant thoughts regarding the collaboration of healthcare and style, ScrubLife Mobile Boutique was born. ScrubLife Mobile Boutique is more than a medical scrub boutique, but a brand that Specializes in Saving Lives in Style.